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What is OrganicBasket?

OrganicBasket is an online/offline organic fruit & vegetable delivery service. We do the farming in and around Gurgaon and deliver it to our customers directly. We are dedicated to making organic food more Authentic, Accessible, and Affordable while helping break the cycle of food waste.

Why should I use OrganicBasket?

OrganicBasket maintains full control over the entire supply chain, from cultivation to delivery. This comprehensive oversight enables us to provide our customers with 100% authentic organic produce consistently. Furthermore, we offer our customers the opportunity to engage directly in organic farming through our community farming initiative, allowing them to actively participate in the cultivation process. This hands-on experience fosters a deeper understanding and mindfulness about food and its cultivation.

How OrganicBasket is different from other organic services?

At OrganicBasket, a significant portion of the food we deliver is grown close to our customers. This approach enables us to provide exceptionally fresh produce to our customers within hours of harvest. We take care of the entire process, from cultivation to sorting, packaging, and delivery, ensuring that genuine organic food reaches our customers.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to participate in our community farming initiative, where you can actively engage in the cultivation of organic fruits and vegetables alongside us. This hands-on involvement offers our customers a firsthand experience of farming.

How does the service work?

When you become a part of OrganicBasket, you can always count on receiving 100% authentic organic fruits and vegetables that are cultivated near our customers. In addition to urban farms, we maintain farms in rural areas where we organically grow grains. To access our services, all you need to do is subscribe to our offerings.

How can I farm together with OrganicBasket?

Beyond our primary role of cultivating and delivering organic fruits and vegetables, OrganicBasket is committed to providing the community with an opportunity to engage in farming experiences. To achieve this, we have set aside specific plots at all our farms. Customers can pay a modest fee to participate in community farming, allowing them not only to gain valuable hands-on experience but also to receive training in the process. To know more, visit our community farming initiative page.