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About Us

OrganicBasket is dedicated to the simple yet powerful mission of delivering organic fruits and vegetables directly to your doorstep. However, our purpose goes beyond convenience. We strive to address three significant challenges: making organic produce affordable, authentic, and consistently accessible. Join us in our journey as we bring a revolution to organic eating in India.

100% Authentic

OrganicBasket‘s primary objective is to fill the significant trust gap plaguing the organic industry. Sometimes, a single product might go through seven or more intermediaries before reaching the end consumer, creating uncertainty about its organic authenticity.

However, with OrganicBasket, we oversee the entire supply chain, from production to processing to delivery. This approach ensures no room for trust issues, as we maintain control over every step.

As a result, we are well-equipped to provide 100% authentic, consistently high-quality organic products, ensuring timely delivery every time.

If it is from OrganicBasket, it will be guaranteed organic, period!


A significant number of Indian consumers express a desire to purchase genuine organic products, yet they remain uncertain about the authenticity of the produce.

Moreover, certain areas lack access to organic goods. OrganicBasket’s mission is explicitly aimed at ensuring the accessibility and availability of organic produce to individuals in major cities throughout India.


In India, organic produce is notably more expensive than its non-conventional counterparts, primarily due to a range of factors.

The central issue lies in the inconsistent supply of organic goods. Furthermore, the involvement of numerous intermediaries in the distribution chain not only raises concerns about the authenticity of the products but also contributes to the inflated costs.

However, at OrganicBasket, we address these challenges by offering direct doorstep delivery of 100% organic produce, ensuring affordability and unwavering authenticity.

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