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Close-up of dried, cracked earth.

What’s the problem?

Trees are more important today than ever before. More than 10,000 products are reportedly made from trees. Through chemistry, the humble woodpile is yielding chemicals, plastics, and fabrics that were beyond comprehension when an axe first felled a Texas tree.

Our Inspiration

OrganicoHarvest is helping the farming community at large by following methods.

  • By providing training for organic farming so that conventional farmers can transition from high-input cost chemical farming to organic farming.
  • By providing a market to sell their organic produce.

OrganicoHarvest mission is to provide its customers with the best quality, locally-grown, organic food. That’s where our local organic farming partners come into the picture.

We help our local organic farming partners to reach customers like you so that they can focus on doing what they do the best i.e. farming.

So if you’re an organic farmer. Feel free to reach out to us as we may be delivering from your area.

Smiling Farmers

Some 18% of India’s GDP ($550 Billion) comes from agriculture. Still, the condition of our farmers is deteriorating by the day.

We don’t treat “helping farmers” as a gimmick at OrganicoHarvest. Actually, OrganicoHarvest started with the mission of bridging the gap between rural India and urban India so that farmers can earn a respectable living from farming itself.

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Organic farming Training

We don’t just help organic farmers reach consumers directly. But also help conventional farmers in making a transition to organic farming by providing training and market under one roof.

In addition to training, we handhold them so that any problems they face can be resolved along the way. We connect them to other organic farmers in the area.