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Why you should eat Regional & Seasonal?

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Nowadays, it is normal to get different types of fruits and vegetables around the year thanks to long supply chains as well as cold stores. We have stopped thinking about the seasonality completely. This doesn’t just have a negative effect on our health but also environmentally as well as on the planet.

Due to well-developed transport infrastructure, it is normal for fruits and vegetables to travel on average more than 1500 km to reach the consumers. This poses many challenges

  • The fruits or vegetables have to be harvested earlier than they are completely ripe.
  • To keep the transport efficient, the only focus is on the weight of the produce rather than the nutritional content.
  • The long supply chain is not at all good for the planet.
  • A lot of food is wasted during transport.

Eating Regional

Regional eating not just removes the need for a long supply chain but also helps in harvesting when the fruit or vegetables are ripe on the plant. When your food travels more, it produces more emissions. Just the transportation of food releases 20% of the total emissions of food production globally.

We have partnered with organic farmers in Haryana and harvest between 5 am – 7 am and then deliver within hours of harvesting. Most of our partner farms are present within 100 km of Delhi NCR. This helps us in delivering only fresh and naturally grown organic fruits and vegetables.

We are partnering with more and more organic farmers so that we can deliver everything organic and that too at affordable prices. Help us reach more customers so that we can make organic fruits and vegetables more affordable for you.

Eating Seasonal

Unseasonal fruits or vegetables are not just expensive to produce, deliver, and store but also doesn’t have much nutritional value. So eating seasonal fruits and vegetables is not only good for your health but for your wallet as well.

Sharing is caring!

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