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Why buy Organic?

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Organic food is expensive. Then why should you choose to buy organic over conventional non-organic food which is much cheaper in comparison? We have listed a few reasons below:

  • Healthy, Safe, and good for growing children`s physical and mental development.
  • Unadulterated, authentic, and tasty.
  • Known to reduce cancer risks.
  • Free from neurotoxins.
  • Contain no unwanted chemicals or pesticides.
  • Reduce water contamination by avoiding the use of chemicals.
  • Enhance biodiversity by enriching the earth.
  • Working on organic farms is safer for farm workers.
  • Growing organic food fosters sustainable livelihood generation and supplements the income of small-scale farmers.
  • Is rich in nutrients in comparison to traditional foods. Research shows that organic foods have higher Vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals calcium, Iron, Chromium, and Magnesium.
  • Stringent checks and quality control by independent and reputed Certification agencies to meet the Indian Organic Food Standard (NPOP) throughout the entire supply chain (production, processing, and packing) ensures safe and healthy food for consumers.

Sharing is caring!

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