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7 Ways to Eat Organic on a Budget

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Are you new to organic and want to start organic eating? But you’ve found out that organic is expensive. Here we bring you some strategies so that you can start organic eating without breaking the bank. With only a marginal increase in your budget, you’ll get organic produce.

Understand the terminology

The first and most important strategy is to improve your knowledge about organic. You might feel overwhelmed if you do not know the terminology correctly and it can also help you to save some money.

Eat Regional & Seasonal

The “Eating regional and seasonal” mantra will help you in the following ways:

  • Local and seasonal food is always cheaper
  • It is more nutritious
  • As transportation is not involved. So it is better for the environment as well

Grow your Own

Growing your own food may not work for everyone. But it is one of the sure-shot ways to turn to organic food without incurring a lot of costs. Even if you’re living in an apartment, you can start growing your own veggies at least. You should always start with leafy greens because they are quite easy to grow.

Buy less Processed & Packaged Foods

The processed and “more affordable” food items are cheap but nutritionally very thin. So instead of buying processed food, you should either process it at home or decrease your intake of processed and packaged food. Instead, you should turn to whole food.

Buy In Bulk

If you happen to visit an organic farmer. Buy in bulk from them. They will be able to offer cheaper prices if you buy in bulk.

Visit your nearby organic farmer

Visiting your nearby organic farmer with not only boost the morale of the farmer but also give a glimpse into what goes into producing organic food.

Start with the Essentials

You should at least start with the most adulterated food items that have the most deteriorating effect on your body. These are:

  • Sugar: Replace it with organic Khandsari
  • Ghee: Buy only from known sources
  • Vegetable (Seed) Oils: Buy seeds and then go to your nearby Kolhu.
  • Salt: Sea salt is a cheap alternative to “Sendha Namak” without any nutritional value. So buy only Sendha Namak.
  • Flour: Buy loose grains and then get them processed at a nearby mill. Use different types of grains
  • Spices: Most families use 5-10 spices. So it is not hard to replace them with organic alternatives.

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