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Best Places to Buy Organic Fruits and Vegetables in Pune

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Pune, known for its vibrant food culture and health-conscious community, has witnessed a growing demand for organic fruits and vegetables. Organic produce offers numerous benefits, from improved nutrition to supporting sustainable farming practices. If you’re looking to embrace a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, we have curated a list of the best places to buy organic fruits and vegetables in Pune. These locations range from farmer’s markets to specialized stores, ensuring a delightful experience while fulfilling your organic shopping needs.

  1. Farmer’s Market at Phule Market: The farmer’s market at Phule Market is a popular destination for organic food enthusiasts in Pune. Every day, local farmers gather here to showcase their fresh, organic produce. From vibrant fruits to leafy greens, you’ll find a wide variety of organic options to choose from. The market provides a direct connection between consumers and farmers, ensuring transparency and quality.
  2. The Organic Store: Located in Koregaon Park, The Organic Store is a well-known establishment dedicated to organic food. They offer a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables sourced from local farmers and certified organic suppliers. The store emphasizes quality and ensures that all products meet stringent organic standards. With a knowledgeable staff to assist you, The Organic Store is a trusted place to find organic goodness.
  3. Farmer’s Market at Pune University: The farmer’s market at Pune University is a vibrant gathering of farmers and organic vendors. Held every Sunday, it offers a delightful shopping experience with an abundance of organic fruits and vegetables. You can explore the market and interact with the farmers, gaining insights into their farming practices and the organic produce they offer.
  4. Dorabjee’s: Dorabjee’s is a renowned supermarket chain in Pune, and they have a dedicated section for organic fruits and vegetables. With multiple locations across the city, Dorabjee’s partners with trusted organic suppliers to ensure the availability of high-quality produce. They offer a wide range of organic options, making it convenient for shoppers to find their preferred organic fruits and vegetables.
  5. Farmer’s Market at Baner: The farmer’s market at Baner is a popular organic food destination in Pune. It brings together local farmers and vendors who offer a diverse range of organic produce. From seasonal fruits to freshly harvested vegetables, you’ll find an enticing selection to cater to your organic shopping needs. The market fosters a sense of community and encourages sustainable food practices.
  6. Nature’s Basket: Nature’s Basket, with its presence in multiple locations in Pune, is a well-established gourmet food store that includes an extensive range of organic fruits and vegetables. They prioritize sourcing from certified organic farms, ensuring freshness and quality. Nature’s Basket offers a curated collection of organic produce, making it a go-to destination for health-conscious individuals.
  7. Farmer’s Market at Aundh: The farmer’s market at Aundh is a thriving hub for organic food lovers. It operates every Sunday and showcases an impressive array of organic fruits and vegetables sourced directly from local farmers. The market creates an interactive platform, allowing consumers to connect with farmers and gain insights into organic farming practices.


Pune’s culinary landscape embraces the organic food movement, offering a range of options to buy organic fruits and vegetables. Whether you choose to explore the lively farmer’s markets or opt for the convenience of dedicated stores, Pune has a variety of locations to cater to your organic shopping needs. With a commitment to quality, sustainability, and supporting local farmers, these recommended places ensure that you can embark on a healthy and conscious lifestyle. Embrace the goodness of organic produce in Pune and experience the joy of nourishing your body and supporting sustainable agriculture.

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