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Best Places to Buy Organic Fruits and Vegetables in Chennai

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Chennai, the cultural capital of South India, is home to a growing community of health-conscious individuals who prefer organic fruits and vegetables for their nutritional benefits and sustainable farming practices. If you’re looking to embark on a wholesome and eco-friendly lifestyle, we have compiled a list of the best places to buy organic fruits and vegetables in Chennai. From bustling farmer’s markets to specialized organic stores, these locations ensure that you have access to the freshest and highest quality organic produce.

  1. Chennai Organic Store: The Chennai Organic Store, located in Mylapore, is a popular destination for organic food enthusiasts. They offer a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables sourced directly from local farmers and trusted organic suppliers. With a focus on quality and authenticity, this store ensures that you have access to the freshest and healthiest organic produce in the city.
  2. Farmer’s Market at Besant Nagar: The farmer’s market at Besant Nagar, held every Sunday, is a vibrant gathering of organic farmers and vendors. Here, you’ll find an abundance of organic fruits and vegetables, freshly harvested and free from harmful chemicals. Interact with the farmers, learn about their sustainable farming practices, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of this community-driven market.
  3. Health & Glow: Health & Glow, a popular retail chain in Chennai, has dedicated sections for organic fruits and vegetables in many of its stores. With multiple locations across the city, Health & Glow offers a wide selection of organic produce, ensuring convenience for shoppers. The store partners with reputed organic suppliers, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.
  4. Amma Naana: Amma Naana, located in multiple areas of Chennai, is a well-known organic store that focuses on providing natural and organic products, including fruits and vegetables. They source their produce from local farmers and ensure that it is free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Amma Naana is committed to promoting sustainable agriculture and healthy living.
  5. Farmer’s Market at Anna Nagar: The farmer’s market at Anna Nagar is a bustling organic food destination in Chennai. Held on weekends, this market offers an impressive variety of organic fruits and vegetables, freshly picked and packed with nutrients. Engage with the farmers, support local agriculture, and enjoy the rich flavors of organic produce at this vibrant market.
  6. Earth Story: Earth Story, located in Adyar, is a renowned organic and eco-friendly store that caters to the health-conscious community in Chennai. They provide a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables sourced from trusted farms and suppliers. With a focus on sustainability, Earth Story offers organic options that promote both personal well-being and environmental responsibility.
  7. Farmer’s Market at Nungambakkam: The farmer’s market at Nungambakkam is a popular destination for organic food lovers in Chennai. This market brings together organic farmers and vendors who offer a diverse range of fresh and chemical-free fruits and vegetables. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, explore the wide array of organic produce, and support local farmers committed to sustainable practices.


Embracing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is made easy in Chennai, with its abundant options for buying organic fruits and vegetables. Whether you prefer to visit dedicated organic stores or explore the vibrant farmer’s markets, Chennai has a variety of locations to cater to your organic shopping needs. By choosing organic, you support local farmers, promote sustainable agriculture, and enjoy the nutritional benefits of fresh and chemical-free produce. Experience the joy of nourishing your body and contributing to a greener planet by exploring these best places to buy organic fruits and vegetables in Chennai.

NOTE: If you’re searching for genuine organic products in your city, discover the best places to purchase authentic organic produce in your city.

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